Phimosis Cream

Do you have a tight foreskin and looking for a cream to assist with the stretching of your foreskin?

If the answer is yes, then read on…

We have reviewed the scientific, medical, and product  literature for the most up to date information on the best phimosis cream to assist the stretching of your foreskin.

It is very important to note that the use of a phimosis cream in itself will not cure a tight foreskin. The cream must be used in combination with gentle foreskin stretcher technique and or device designed and approved to stretch the foreskin safely.  The reason why you use a Phimosis Cream is to reduce the mircoscopic inflammation (or in some cases, macroscopic) and allow the tight junctions between the cells of the foreskin to loosen a little, allowing for a better and more effective stretch without rebound tightening.

Rebound tightening can occur when you try to stretch a foreskin too harshly, too fast, and with too much pressure on a few single points, as commonly found when using steel skin retractors. To stretch the foreskin effectively, safely, and for long term results you must use:

  • gentle,
  • even,
  • regular,

pressure, across the whole foreskin. The way to stretch the foreskin is by either using manual pressure with your hand or with an approved foreskin stretching device.

Manual Hand Stretching of Foreskin:

The process  of stretching the foreskin manually with your hand is quire simple but only useful if you have very very mild phimosis. Gently wrap you fingers around the shaft of the penis being sure to do this towards the glans end and not the base. You then rhythmically move your hand up and down the shaft trying to slide the foreskin down across the glans and as far down towards the base of the penis without causing pain. Ideally you should use a hypo-allergenic organic personal lubricant designed for a sensitive and  tight foreskin.

We have found that the Novoglan Personal Lubricant for Sensitive Foreskin to be the ideal lubricant as it has been formulated for the specific purpose of assisting men with a tight foreskin. You can view the product page here at  We have reviewed the ingredients list and manufacturing process and agree their claims that the product is better suited to men with a tight foreskin compared to other more common lubricants found in stores.

If you are unable to slide the foreskin over the glans despite trying the manual method for at least 5 days, you will need to use a phimosis cream and if that soes not work you will need to use a phimosis cream and Approved gentle foreskin stretcher device.

Foreskin Stretching with an Approved device:

So what is an Approved Foreskin Stretching Device? It is a device that has been the subject of a review by independent expert clinicians and meets all medical device standards for manufacturing, storage, shipping, marketing, risk management and the government health authorities have approved the device for marketing. A thorough search of both the literature and also therapeutic goods register of medical device products reveals that only the Novoglan Gentle Foreskin Stretcher is Approved for use in stretching a tight foreskin.

The Novoglan Gentle Foreskin Stretcher works by use of a balloon that is inserted between the foreskin and glans and gentle pressure is applied to the foreskin for a period of time each day for as long as is required. The copy claims to have data that shows that 95% of users received very satisfying results. The concept of using a balloon t stretch skin has been proven in many areas of medicine and surgery. The application to stretch a foreskin is both novel and clever allowing men to use a safe, simple but effective means to stretch their foreskin at home. The device can stay in place for as long is required each day.

We recommend the use of a phimosis cream in combination of the balloon device to ensure the skin cells are more receptive to stretching. You can find more information about the Novoglan Gentle Foreskin Stretcher at their store

So, let’s review what we know…

Foreskin Stretching can provide effective relief for men with a tight foreskin phimosis and this will allow most men to avoid circumcision thus keeping their normal sensitivity and sensation which from many studies supports the view that sex is better with a foreskin.

Foreskin stretching can be as simple as manually sliding the foreskin up and down across the glans. This is suitable for men with very very mild phimosis. If you have trouble sliding the foreskin over the glans after 5 days of manual stretching, you should use a phimosis cream and try that for a week. If that fails you will need to use an Approved Gentle Foreskin Stretching Device and the only approved device on the market is the Novoglan Gentle Foreskin Stretcher. For best results you should continue to use the phimosis cream.

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Phimosis Cream From Novoglan

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